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About Me

        As  a dedicated practitioner, I address the needs of  individuals, couples, children, adolescents and families through the provision of psychotherapy services. Additionally, I may schedule group therapy sessions through the year, as well as provide lectures and seminars on a larger group scale level. Specialized groups may address themes such as parenting, women's issues or teen areas of concentration (i.e. anger management issues or depression). Seminars may be provided for employers (or others) who wish to address conflict management issues, time management issues, stress managementment issues and so on. Seminars and workshops may be provided for other groups as well. The administration of an Educational Support Program (ESP) helps to ensure that children or adults who are failing classes or challenged by academic subjects receive tutoring support and mentoring services from caring, bachelors level, degreed staff (e.g. Educational Support Staff/Mentors). The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) offers children, teenagers and families an opportunity to engage in behavioral, cultural, educational and exciting activities during the summer.

        With over 15+ years of successful work experience with individual, couples, children/adolescent and small and large group systems, I have provided services in multiple clinical, direct service and/or administrative contexts as facilitator to individuals who are attempting to achieve optimal success in their personal lives. As a very busy practitioner, I have obtained a large caseload and a complementary daily schedule that generally enables me see patients back to back all day long, i.e., every day during which the practice is open. Due to having a significantly high patient show rate, clients typically show demonstrated patterns of achieving their long and short term goals throughout the time span of their treatment course.
        Through the utilization of  blended therapeutic styles, I  encourage the optimal expansion of foundational strengths and wholistic growth potential as a way to enhance resiliency and long and short term growth and development opportunities in individuals, marriages, children/adolescents and families. Fortunately, all people have existing strengths (e.g. capacity for endurance, inherent attributes/assets) from which they can build and grow. People also have a potential network of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social components that are available for expansion.

        The work experience that I have obtained throughout the years with individual, couples, children/adolescent, family and group systems included provision of services as mental health case manager/caseworker, maternal and child welfare case management supervisor,  social services adjunct college faculty, program coordinator of family services, family life coordinator, director of youth services and programs, director and clinician/psychotherapist. Consequently, many people have been positively impacted in many areas of their lives. Due to the direct supervision of case managers, youth workers, parent managers, program assistants, administrative support staff, maintenance staff, college students, volunteers and others, and the positive influences their work has yielded, many people in many communities have positively benefited, continue to positively benefit  and are continuing to reach the goals in life they have set forth to achieve.

        I  am  a product of two multi-disciplinary, licensed, doctoral-level parents  who have   provided (and provide) regular psychological services for individuals, couples and families. They have historically facilitated large-level marriage, pre-marriage, divorce recovery and other family-focused lectures, seminars and workshops, both nationally and abroad. My mother, Dr. D. Jones, completed her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Counseling Psychology and her Masters in Counseling Education (MEd) degree. As a Registered Nurse (RN) with her Masters in Science in Nursing (MSN) degree from Villanova University, she has held long-term positions in nursing education and administration. She also hails from Bowie State University and Union. Dr. A. Jones, my father, received his Doctorate in Ministries (DMin) degree with concentration in Family Life and Divorce Recovery from Howard University. He received his Masters of Arts (MA) degree in Theology from Andrews University, and has worked for more than 45 years in the ministry (pastorship and/or church administration) as well. They have individually authored and/or co-authored together six (6) books, including Making Peace in Your Marriage and Parenting with Pleasure.  My mother has three (3) additional yet to be published manuscripts. By the way, my parents continue to be the absolute nicest people that I have ever met. My siblings are married with families and have similar backgrounds. We come from a long  lineage of educators and administrators who have worked tirelessly toward helping others. 


               Marywood University: Masters In Social Work Degree (MSW)
               Oakwood University: Bachelors of Arts Degree (BA), Psychology
               Oakwood University: Associate of Science Degree (AS), 
                              Child Development

Additional Training:
               Attachment and Reactive Attachment Disorders: Association for the 
                               Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children
               Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: University of Pittsburg
               Eating Disorders: Renfrew Center Foundation
               High Risk Families and Behavioral Health: Mid-Atlantic Addictions Training
                               Institute, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
               Sexual Abuse: Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse
               Therapeutic Communities: Gaudenzia Foundation   
               Has Received Numerous Certificates in Areas Concerning Individuals,
                               Children/Adolescents, Families 
License, Certifications and Awards:
               License:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Commonwealth of
               Certification: Certified Behavior Specialist III, Griggs University 

               Awards: Sterling Who's Who in 1994-1995 for Creative
                              Child Development Programming
                              Inducted into the Alpha Epsilon Lambda - Theta Chapter 
                              Professional Honor Society for "Outstanding 
                                         Academic Scholarship, Leadership and Community
                                         Service" in 2001, Marywood University
Professional Activities and Memberships:
                 National Association of Social Workers 
                 National Association of Social Workers - Pennsylvania Local Chapter
                 Southern Poverty Law Center - Wall of Tolerance Honoree
                 Berks Social Workers 

Current Staff :
                 Technical Services/Records/Transportation  - V. Spellman, Sr.                  
                 Enhancement Specialist - R. Willis, BSW, MBA
                 Applied Psychology Intern - A. Awouya
                 Clinical Supervisor - D. M. E. Jones, PhD, RN *
                 Clinical Supervisor - E. J. Royster, DCSW, LCSW*
                 Appointment Scheduler/Billing/Insurance - D. Ruiz
                 Program Assistant, ASEP, SEP - C. Torres
                 Program Assistant, SEP - T. Thomas
                 Program  Assistant, ASEP, SEP - M. Ortiz
                 Program Assistant Lead, SEP - A. Spellman 
                 Certified Educational Staff/Art - M. Falcone
                 Certified Educational Staff - C. Spellman 
                 Family Interventionist - Dr. A. R. Jones, LPC
                 Program Director, ASEP, SEP/Psychotherapist - P. C. Spellman, MSW, LCSW

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