Rates & Insurance

Rates :

$145 - initial evaluation; $110 per ongoing regular 45-50 minutes session; $55 per ongoing regular 20-30 minutes session. Longer sessions may be provided upon request. Groups are $75 - $85 per session, depending up the group format/modality. Specialized evaluations are $175 - $325.

Insurance :

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance plan or employee assisance benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • Do I have a co-payment? If yes, how much is it?
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  • How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network provider?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?
Upon contacting our office for an appointment, we may complete a referral form with you and gather your insurance information for prescreening purposes. For your convenience, we are in network with many health insurance plans and employee assistance programs.

Note: Co-payments and/or co-insurance payments are due and payable prior to your psychotherapy session. Such fees typically range from $10 to $35 or $40, depending upon your insurance plan. There are plans that require no co-payment and/or co-insurance fees whatsoever.

Reduced Fees/Sliding Fees :

Reduced fee/ sliding fee services are available on a limited basis. Relevant fees are typically based on what you can afford to pay, based on your current circumstances. There have been occasions when services have been fully provided for free, based upon need. Any relevant reduced fees must be arranged for prior to your psychotherapy session.

Payment :

Cash, checks and all major credit cards are accepted for payment. Payments are due and payable prior to your psychotherapy session, unless prior arrangements have been made with and accepted by your psychotherapist.

Cancellation Policy :

Patients are required to cancel with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Many cancel much further in advance (i.e. several days or even weeks). If you are unavailable to attend your appointment, your timely cancellation will give another the opportunity to be seen. Because patient time is exclusive and reserved on a priority basis, a $35 charge will be assessed to those who "no show" or "late cancel" their appointments. Cases may also be closed with a demonstrated pattern of 3 "no show" and/or "late cancellation" appointments.

Schedule Online :

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Contact :

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NOTE : Rates, hours, policies, procedures are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

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